The IACVB Legacy Website

Who Is the Voice Behind IACVB.ORG?

The voice behind the IACVB legacy website is Doug Traub The URL is no longer used by Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI). Although it was registered by the International Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus (IACVB) as the industry’s first Internet website in 1995, IACVB changed its name to DMAI and became its new domain in 2005. The IACVB.ORG URL was discontinued seven years later.

The seeds for the new IACVB.ORG were planted when Doug developed a presentation for DMAI's 2011 Annual Convention in New Orleans entitled, “How Leisure Are You?” Afterward, he refined the concept and delivered it again at the 2012 Annual Convention in Seattle as, “How & Why to Build a New Breed of Consumer-Oriented DMOs.” Later, when the IACVB.ORG domain name became available, he acquired it in the spirit of nostalgia and loyalty to the original purposes of IACVB.

Doug does not intend to impose his solutions on the industry, but simply to provide an independent forum to advocate how DMOs can manage themselves most effectively. 
As a "keeper of the flame," he continues to update and add to IACVB.ORG so the industry can continue to serve the traveling public in the spirit of the Golden Rule, "Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you."